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Label in Focus


Beej is an effort to create a brand where creativity, ethical practices and conscious fashion co-exist and thrive. 


The Founders

Arundhanti, founder of Beej gave up her long corporate career to start a conscious and innovative brand with the vision of providing alternatives for leather to Indian consumers. While there is a lot happening globally in the innovative materials space, there are only a limited Indian brands experimenting with them. Arundhati wanted to change that and so Beej was born in 2019.

Crafted in Mumbai, India

Meet the Makers

It’s important for the brand that people know exactly what has gone into their product. From the materials they source, the artisans who work on their products, to the impact of their practices on the environment – they believe in transparency across all levels of operations. All their karigars (artisans) work out of their studio in Mumbai.

The Process

The brand uses ecofriendly and cruelty free alternative materials like Cork and Pinatex. Cork leather is a completely renewable, biodegradable and natural product. The cork used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Piñatex made from pinapple fibre and a by-product of the agricultural industry. No additional land, water or pesticides are required to make this material.


With the use of alternatives like Cork and Pinatex to recycled and upcycled materials, Beej is all about transparency. They encourage clients to ask questions, as it keeps them transparent, responsible and accountable as a brand.
  • F Fair
  • I Indigenous
  • V Vegan
  • O Organic
  • R Regenerative
  • R Refashioned

Going the Extra Mile


From seed to stitch, products that can be traced down to the source of the raw materials, at every step in the supply chain.

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

100% Hand Crafted

All steps involved in creating the final product are done by hand. Utilising skills of artisans involved, makes each piece, one of a kind.

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