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We provide a platform to discover and trade high quality handcrafted objects directly from the makers in South Asia. 

Our Story

For far too long, artisans from South Asia have been exploited and undervalued. Factory manufactured lower priced alternatives and unethical employment practices have completely destroyed certain indigenous artisan communities, their craft and culture.  Our aim is to celebrate the people, process and their impact in rebuilding these communities from the region. 

Our Impact

We have come together with our partners from across the region to provide a unique blend of objects, craftsmanship and stories in an attempt to revive these communities. We curate and co-create with designers and makers to support indigenous crafts while creating respectable employment opportunities and uplifting marginalised communities. 

Our Partners

We collaborate directly with designers, artisans and NGO's who are committed to reshaping and modernising traditional crafts in order to sustain them. Our Studio develops craft led limited collections using dead stock and vintage fabrics and co-creates on new products and materials with our partners. 

We also endorse one of kind brands that are developing sustainable collections that have artisan development at their core. We assess brands against 6 standards of sustainability that evaluate their impact on the planet and its people using our proprietary FIVORR framework. We love brands who are going the extra mile and are thoughful at every step of the production cycle. 

F Fairwages, good working conditions and empowerment of marginalised communities form the fundamental core of these brands.

Indigenoustechniques and crafts specific to certain communities have been on the decline. These brands focus on co-creation with skilled artisanal communities and reviving techniques that ensure better livelihoods. Naturally, the collections are made in small batches due the time and skill required on them.

V VeganProducts made from cruelty-free sources—neither harming animals or using them for testing in the process.

O OrganicWe call on products that use organic fibers such as cotton, hemp, jute and banana. These fibers are grown in controlled, chemical free environments. While organic clothing is on the rise, it isn’t fast enough yet for farmers to easily switch to. Organic clothes are thus, usually more expensive than clothing made from conventional methods.

R RegenerativeTaking ‘sustainable’ a level further, regenerative fashion brands source from farms, practicing methods that revitalise the soil, restore nutrients and capture carbon from the atmosphere and put it back in the soil. They provide as much as they take.

R RefashionedMost clothes you wear end up in landfills. We support brands that reduce waste by reusing, recycling and repurposing. Because as consumers, we feel, our choices define our relationship with the planet.

Going the Extra Mile

100% Hand Crafted

All steps involved in creating the final product are done by hand. Utilising skills of artisans involved, makes each piece, one of a kind.


From seed to stitch, products that can be traced down to the source of the raw materials, at every step in the supply chain.

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

Community Focused

Improving livelihoods of marginalised communities who have suffered the most with the advent of fast fashion, either through artisanal collaborations or simply giving enough back.

Plastic Free Packaging

All packaging is plastic free or biodegradable. Opting for alternative packaging also implies higher costs for these brands.

Natural Dyes

No toxic or chemical dyes are used, resulting in products that are good for your skin and for the planet.

Support Artisans
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