Make Your Dream Jacket With Us


Loom & Things was born out of our love for ancient craftsmanship and the urge to preserve what is left of it. We create timeless clothing and accessories rooted in Indian traditional craftsmanship where each piece is created in harmony with nature and empowers remote artisans across India. We believe that by supporting crafts, we can directly impact the economical, social and cultural spheres ultimately uplifting entire communities and cultures.

Our Process

‘Loom’ is an ancient frame/device that was traditionally used to make yarn or cloth. At Loom & Things we are going back to these looms and the traditional artisanal techniques to create high quality pieces that can be passed down generations and worn for seasons to come. We travel to remote Indian villages to discover textiles and work directly with master artisans and NGOs (non governmental organizations) to create our pieces. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted keeping the traditional craft and culture of the makers in mind.

Our Materials

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We only work with handcrafted materials where we support artisans directly and help preserve entire craft communities through work. To avoid overproduction,we also include dead-stock and vintage materials in our collections and follow a zero waste policy in our production process. Due to the nature of our materials, each piece is unique and may contain certain irregularities due to the handwork process. These are not faults but merely the outcome of a process done by hand making each piece truly special.

The Khes Initiative - Revival of the Khes Weaving in North India.

Through our work we have been able to revive the ancient craft of handloom Khes in Punjab. An initiative that started with one woman weaver and one pit loom (where no electricity is used) has now expanded to 5 women weavers who take turns on 3 big looms to create fabrics for our handwoven Khes Jacket collection. Khes was traditionally a handwoven thick cotton fabric used as floor coverings or blankets. A type of damask fabric, the handloom khes was considered an almost lost craft with very few clusters still weaving for their own consumption We have been able to set up education and training sessions for our weavers and The fabric is super soft and cozy, keeping you cool in summer and adding just the right amount of warmth in winter.