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Khara Kapas brings together various crafts from across India to create easy and fluid clothing. The brand is an amalgamation of unique designs, soft fabrics that feel like second skin and elevated indigenous craft techniques. It specialises in clamp and bagru dyeing and has been working on become more sustainable in every step of its production process from sourcing to up-cycling returns received from customers.

The Founders

Khara kapas is the brainchild of Shilpi Yadav, the founder and design head for the brand. The idea behind the brand was borne with the aim of introducing the versality of cotton to the world. She had realised that cotton was not easily accessible throughout the world whilst it remained wildy grown and was present everywhere as a local fabric. As she grew up to pursue design and fashion she knew that she wanted to introduce the versatility of cotton through her brand to the world. During her further studies in states, she realised how cotton, being a staple crop and a local fabric worn across India. Khara Kapas is a medium of expression of her thoughts and creativity. Hence the name KHARA (PURE in Hindi ) KAPAS (COTTON in Hindi).

Crafted in Gurgaon, India

Meet the Makers

Fabric is sourced from local communities from all across India. The brand also works with its own designs from the weaving stage. All stitching, handwork and finishing occurs at our headquarters in Gurgaon. Every employee is paid fairly and their welfare is ensured through health insurance and employee provident funds. All production is kept inhouse to ensure fair wages and quality.

The Process

The process starts from the hand-woven fabric (2 people) before it moves to the dyeing team. The fabric passes to expert hands from design to pattern making, cutting, stitching and handwork. Finally the garment is checked for quality and finishing. On average it can take anywhere between 7-18 hours to maker one dress.


The brand was built with the purpose of making pure fabrics like cotton easily accessible. With heavy involvement at every step of the supply chain, Kharakapas is able to work with organic materials such as Kala cotton and azo free dyes, making their process handcrafted and eco-friendly.
  • F Fair
  • I Indigenous
  • V Vegan
  • O Organic
  • R Regenerative
  • R Refashioned

Going the Extra Mile

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

Community Focused

Improving livelihoods of marginalised communities who have suffered the most with the advent of fast fashion, either through artisanal collaborations or simply giving enough back.

Plastic Free Packaging

All packaging is plastic free or biodegradable. Opting for alternative packaging also implies higher costs for these brands.

Natural Dyes

No toxic or chemical dyes are used, resulting in products that are good for your skin and for the planet.

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