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Lotus Veda

Lotus Veda is a textile development enterprise that comes alive through master weavers and artisans from across India. They mix yarns to create new textures that symbolise unity in the diversity of Indian crafts.

The Founders

Lotus Veda was conceptualised by Chetan Daruka, born into a family of textile entrepreneurs. While exploring the brands identify, Chetan travelled across various artisan clusters such as Chanderi, Maheshwar, Varanasi and Murshidabad to name a few. With no formal education in design or craft, Chetan learnt everything he knows from the craftsmen themselves. The most magical aspect of the brand, he says is the extraordinary chemistry involved in the multiple textiles used in making a single product.

Crafted in Jaipur, India

Meet the Makers

The brand has been working with grassroots weavers/artisans since its inception in 2010 to develop unique textiles, while keeping the local heritage and culture of each region intact. This gives them the ability to work directly with the artisans, who are the experts in their field. The outcome is the creation of unique prints, textiles and dyes making each product unique.

The Process

All the textiles developed at Lotus Veda are hand-woven and hand printed in different parts of India. They work with grassroots weavers, artisans, and block printers to develop unique textiles while keeping the local history, essence, and beauty intact.


The brand consciously works towards a zero waste policy. They recycle and reuse where possible while also producing small batch and made to order collections. They use materials that are eco-friendly such a organic cotton or indigenous Kala cotton from Kutch, handloom cotton from South India and hand spun khadi from West Bengal. All input fabrics are ethically handcrafted by artisan clusters.
  • F Fair
  • I Indigenous
  • V Vegan
  • O Organic
  • R Regenerative
  • R Refashioned

Going the Extra Mile

100% Hand Crafted

All steps involved in creating the final product are done by hand. Utilising skills of artisans involved, makes each piece, one of a kind.


From seed to stitch, products that can be traced down to the source of the raw materials, at every step in the supply chain.

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

Plastic Free Packaging

All packaging is plastic free or biodegradable. Opting for alternative packaging also implies higher costs for these brands.

Natural Dyes

No toxic or chemical dyes are used, resulting in products that are good for your skin and for the planet.

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