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Label in Focus

The Founders

Loom And Things Studio is run by artisans themselves while being facililated by the mother daughter duo who hail from a small village in Punjab, North India. Mrs Brar has been working with the local women from the villages in the region to revive the indigenous weaving and embroidery craft. The vision soon expanded to support indigenous crafts from across India by providing a bespoke platform to showcase and market them. The duo works directly with artisans and NGO's to reach the real makers.

Crafted in India

Meet the Makers

The studio works directly with artisan clusters, communities and NGO's to support local and indigenous crafts and design. They work directly with the makers that range from weavers, dyers, artists, embroiderers, tailors located in different parts of India. The process is that of slow discovery of the craft skill that eventually results in small collections across various categories.

The Process

Most designs are artisan self creations in an effort to keep the traditional process alive. The studio also provides design inputs if needed to faciliate creations that are more contemporary and relevant to today's consumers.


With its core value to support and preserve artisan communities across India, the studio has people and their process at the centre of their brand.
  • F Fair
  • I Indigenous
  • V Vegan
  • O Organic
  • R Regenerative
  • R Refashioned

Going the Extra Mile

100% Hand Crafted

All steps involved in creating the final product are done by hand. Utilising skills of artisans involved, makes each piece, one of a kind.


From seed to stitch, products that can be traced down to the source of the raw materials, at every step in the supply chain.

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

Community Focused

Improving livelihoods of marginalised communities who have suffered the most with the advent of fast fashion, either through artisanal collaborations or simply giving enough back.

Plastic Free Packaging

All packaging is plastic free or biodegradable. Opting for alternative packaging also implies higher costs for these brands.

Support Artisans
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