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Kaiyare is a community focused brand born with the vision to explore Earth friendly textiles and materials to create a range of products that are committed to the ethos of sustainability, as well as promoting Indian craft traditions.

The Founders

Kaiyare was founded when Anvitha Prashanth and Nikitha Satish discovered they shared a passion for sustainable living. Anvitha is the founder Director of Go Native, a chain of organic, farm-to-table restaurants and conscious-living stores in Bangalore, while Nikitha designs her own label, Dori, working with Ilkal weavers in North Karnataka.

Crafted in Kabini, Karnataka

Meet the Makers

Kaiyare is an all women brand. 20 women artisans work from Kabini, Karnataka and are trained to first convert the banana fibre to rope and then hand crochet products. All the women live in the villages nearby and for many of them, this is their first job.

The Process

The process focuses on natural creation and self-expression by the artisans. Banana fibre and cotton are used to create products in collaboration with Womenweave and Kishkinda Trust, under whose guidance the artisans are trained to develop their skills.


All products created by the brand are made by indigenous communities using naturally available materials.
  • F Fair
  • I Indigenous
  • V Vegan
  • O Organic
  • R Regenerative
  • R Refashioned

Going the Extra Mile

Community Focused

Improving livelihoods of marginalised communities who have suffered the most with the advent of fast fashion, either through artisanal collaborations or simply giving enough back.

100% Hand Crafted

All steps involved in creating the final product are done by hand. Utilising skills of artisans involved, makes each piece, one of a kind.

Reduced Carbon

Low or minimal use of power, hence reducing their carbon emissions. These brands have opted for slower yet more expensive greener methods of production.

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